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We might not be quite happy about how our eyebrows appear after microblading. But this is normal. For a few days after the microblading treatment the brows will be a shade or two too dark, and look at little too vivid, a little unrealistic. They will seem to be ‘too thick’. Of course this is not permanent.
Microblading isn’t quite surgery. But it’s a procedure a little like surgery in that you will experience some recovery time, though this is quite mild. For a few days after having your eyebrows done you will probably experience some soreness. And you will have to avoid swimming or steamy bathrooms. But this is only a mild inconvenience. It will not stop you socializing or working.
The most noticeable thing after your eyebrows are microbladed is that they seem to strong and dark. But this is quite normal. It is also quite normal to wonder if your previous eyebrows were preferable. Don’t worry, you will soon change your mind.

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Microblade eyebrow procedures are a semi-permanent change. By definition this means that they don’t last for too long, and they are reversible. In a practical sense this means that the extreme ‘thick, dark’ look will fade in a few days. And after this the eyebrows will slowly fade over the course of six months or more. With a bit of luck they will last a year.
The post microblading procedure recommendations are there to prevent fading. This is especially important if potential fading is uneven. If part of the eyebrows faded more than the rest then the results would probably not look desirable. A neatly gradient fade, both eyebrows fading from centre to outside, might work well, but this would be a fluke.
Occasionally we might benefit by deliberately fading the eyebrows. But in almost every circumstance it is best to let then naturally fade, giving a neat and pleasing result.

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