Eyebrow Tattoo Sydney

Eyebrow Tattoo Sydney

Eyebrow tattooing is becoming famous every single day; it is now a very in demand form of cosmetic tattoo. Like the rest of the globe, Sydney has been greatly influenced by the beautiful styles of Hollywood, past and present.

Everybody loves Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, and Marilyn Monroe… and nowadays our eyebrow aspirations may be shaped by Jennifer Anniston, Penelope Cruz, Megan Gale, Kim Kardashian, or Angelina Jolie, just to name a few….

We use the latest eyebrow tattooing machines and equipment available here at MII BEAUTY. We now use the latest machine, along with the strongest anaesthetics, and the most popular colours, to recreate all those looks.

Whatever you want, a sophisticated looking brow, a mysterious looking eye, a natural look with eyebrow feathering, a hint of shadowing, a lash enhancement, a sophisticated eyeliner, baby lips, a newly defined lip line or sexy luscious lips; with permanent makeup and eyebrow tattoos, Sydney locals can rise up every morning from their beds devoid of makeup and will look exactly how they want to look.

Three main styles of eyebrow tattoo for Sydney
We have been doing permanent makeup for many years. Within those years, eyebrow tattooing has evolved from the original tattoo pointillism method (where in a single needle is utilised that is attached to a bamboo stick) to the now famous eyebrow feathering.

Although the global market may have been quicker to take up new methods in the past, we have always tried the latest innovations in inks and machinery; now Sydney’s eyebrow tattoos are part of the most recognised worldwide. We’re referring to the area of style and innovation that you can see anywhere in the world.

Eyebrow Tattoo Sydney

The style you pick is as much about skin type as it is personal choice. Some people aren’t a good prospect for the finer eyebrow feathering techniques; for example, individuals with oily skin and those with very red skins.

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