Eyelash Extensions Sydney CBD

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Eyelash Extensions Sydney CBD

It is a minor ordeal suffered by every makeup wearing woman to remove and re-apply the makeup virtually every day. But we can’t sleep with our makeup on as it’s terrible for the skin. Yet we can have an exception to this when it comes to our eyelashes. It is possible to have eyelash extensions that are semi-permanent, that don;t need re-doing on a daily basis.

The more traditional way to affix eyelashes was with daily applied (and removed) fake stip lashes that affixed to the eyelid. Many like the effect these aimed at, simply longer lashes, but the fake strips were only moderately successful. They looked passable, but not completely natural, being fitted over the natural lashes. And it seemed a pity that they had to be disposed of at the end of the day.

Eyelash extensions look far more natural, being attached to the natural lashes. And they need only be topped every month or two.

Eyelash extension use individual artificial lashes that are glued to the individual natural lashes. these stay in place till the natural lash grows out. And while you are wearing them you don’t need to take any special precautions, other than avoiding steaming showers for the first day after application.

Eyelash extensions will require application by a trained professional. And they will need to be topped up every month or two. But this is not too time consuming; it actually leave you will more time latter on as you don’t need to keep re-applying eyelashes every day.

Eyelash Extensions Sydney CBD

Eyelashes extensions are the great modern way to have great looking lashes every day of the week, without having to re-apply every morning.

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