Eyelash Extensions Sydney CBD

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions Sydney CBD

Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent way to get great lashes without having to apply mascara each morning. This saves time and hassle, and actually give better result as the extensions can be longer than natural lashes, not just thicker as is the case with mascara.

When applied correctly by a skilled and licensed technician the eyelash extensions are a safe way to have great lashes everyday, all day.

Unlike other false lashes, which only last a day, eyelash extensions last for several weeks, up to two months. And unlike other options which work as a single strip these extensions are individual lashes, attached directly to your natural lashes one at a time. The process takes a few hours to complete, but the procedure is relaxing, and saves time in the long term.

Eyelash extensions will remain in place for the duration of the natural lashes growth, around 6 weeks to two months. As the natural lashes grow they fall out and are replaced by new lashes. So the extensions are lost as each natural lash is lost. For this reason maintenance is needed, to replace individual lashes over time.


  • Some older style of lashes were attached with adhesives that used formaldehyde, which irritated skin and eyes. New lashes and adhesives are free from this.
  • Some individuals are allergic to latex, used in some lashes. This is rare, and there are latex free options available if you have this allergy.
  • It is a good idea to have a patch test before having eyelash extensions to preclude the possibility of an allergy.
  • You need to avoid steamy environment, like hot showers and saunas, for a day after having the lashes put in place. After this there is little to worry about with your lashes.

Eyelash Extensions Sydney CBD

In a busy world we are often pressed for time. Yet we still want to look our best, and be the best version of ourselves. So eyelash extensions are a great option – great lashes that don’t need reapplying every day.

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