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About Microblading Sydney

A few common concerns:

Is microblading dangerous?

There may be rumours of problems in any industry. But microblading is fairly safe, far safer than most medical procedures.

As with any situation where the skin is cut here is a risk of infection. But this is rare, perhaps 1% of less of cases.

All equipment should be sterilized.

Can microblading go wrong?

Well yes. We aren’t talking about accidents. We are talking about the microblade practitioner doing a bad job. Much the same as a hairdresser or manicurist might do a bad job. Only microblading is more permanent.

Cosmetics, fashion, hairstyling are about artistry. There is a lot of skill and talent needed to find the right look, the right haircut to suit a particular individual. The wrong look is counterproductive and a possibly expensive mistake.

Microblading is more permanent than a haircut, so if the microblading practitioner does a substandard job, or just gives you a look that doesn’t quite work, then you will have to live with it for a year.


A few people are allergic to the dyes used in microblading. This is the cause of most ‘horror stories’ that appear on social media. But while this is very distressing the problem looks worse than it feels. The allergy will cause red inflammation around the eyebrows, but there is not serious health concern.

Do a test on a patch of skin will avoid almost all allergy problems.

Microblading Course Sydney CBD

Training for microblading technicians is essential if we are to get pleasing results.

Anybody who is considering eyebrow microblading should research the microblading practitioner. Look for credentials and before/after photo of past clients.

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