About us

Nikki, a highly skilled Cosmetic Injector and Certified Dermal clinician, is the visionary behind Mii Beauty Clinic, founded in 2010. Raised in Korea, Nikki was naturally exposed and immersed in the world’s largest and fastest-growing beauty industry from an early age.  Having grown up as Korean-Australian, Nikki understood the importance of self-identity and the diverse interpretations of beauty across different standards and cultures. Her journey began at IBM, a global business hub, where she managed business partnerships on a worldwide scale. However, fueled by her longstanding passion for the medical field, particularly Cosmetic medicine, she undertook an extensive educational pursuit in various cosmetic fields. 

Eyelash Extensions

Nikki's educational background includes a beauty diploma from TAFE and a bachelor's degree in Biology and Nursing from the University of Technology Sydney, providing her with an in-depth and extensive knowledge of human physiology. To further specialise in the cosmetic medical field, Nikki continued her studies and gained a graduate diploma in Cosmetic Nursing and Injectables, as well as Dermal Science at the Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science. With over 13 years of experience, Nikki's expertise allows her to intuitively identify her patients' concerns and tailor personalised cosmetic treatment plans. At Mii Beauty Cosmetic Clinic, we believe in a holistic approach to cosmetic beauty, blending medical and surgical techniques to deliver optimal outcomes for patients seeking non-surgical enhancements. Our services encompass a range of treatments including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, liquid face lifting, lip enhancements, cheek enhancements, jaw slimming with anti-wrinkle injections and jawline filling with dermal fillers, facial rejuvenation and medical-grade skin resurfacing procedures. 

Notably, Nikki is one of the most experienced cosmetic tattoo specialists who introduced the eyebrow microblading technique from Korea to Australia in 2010, showcasing her pioneering role in the cosmetic industry. We take immense pride in our team of professional medical doctors, Dr.Isabella Vuong and Dr. Uni---who have joined our team and collaborate closely with us to ensure comprehensive patient care throughout every step of the treatment journey. At Mii Beauty, we prioritize individualized care, dedicating ample time and attention to each patient to achieve the best possible outcomes. Our commitment to excellence, paired with our qualified professionals, ensures a rewarding and satisfying experience for every individual we serve.


Dr. Isabella Vuong

Dr. Uni------

Nikki Yang

Registered Cosmetic Nurse
Certified Dermal Clinician
IPL/ Laser Safety Officer
Certified cannulation IV injector.
Nikki has completed all the education as below;

> B.A. in Nursing and biology from University Technology of Sydney, double degrees

> Graduated Diploma of Cosmetic Injectable/ Dermal Science from the Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science.

> Diploma of Beauty Therapy from TAFE. Ultimo

> Certification of Cannulation for Nurses from Institute of Health and Nursing Australia

> Certification in Semi-Permanent Tattooing Master (1st grade) license (Korea) Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Lips, Hairline Restoration

> Member of Nursing and Midwifery Board  Australia (AHPRA)

> Member of the Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians


Beauty therapist: Stella Kim

> Diploma of Beayrt therapy from TAFE 

> B.A in Fine Art from Prestigious University in Korea. 

Through her exceptional artistic sense and great in detail Stella has around 15+ Beauty & Cosmetic fields. 

She has experienced in various exclusive cosmetic brands such as Christian Dior as one of the top Makeup Artists and dermal therapists.


Reception/Beauty therapist: Annabelle Vuong

> Undertaking nursing degree at University of Sydney 

> Personal colour specialist at AEGI lab