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Keeping a Youthful Appearance

Eyelash and Eyebrow Microblading Training

We would all like to keep a moderately youthful appearance, or to at least age with grace. This can be achieved, at least to some extent, with healthy living and a few simple procedures.

Simple things like the right hairstyle and having our eyebrows or lashes done make all the difference to how we look.

Eyebrow Tattoo Training

Eyebrows frame our face, though this can also be said of hair. But really, we change our eyebrows and we change our appearance. Even if others notice something has changed when we have our eyebrows altered they often cannot tell exactly what has been altered.

There are a few factors at work here. The arch of the eyebrows, the thickness, the spacing between the brows – all these can be altered to subtlety alter our face.

A woman’s brows tend to thin in older age. This might partially be because we have been plucking them. So we tend to think of thicker eyebrows as more youthful. But this is too simple. The right shape is more important than thickness. The right shape to complement our face can make us look more attractive. And sometimes thick eyebrows don’t suit certain individuals.

Eyebrow tattoos can change the shape of our eyebrows, and fill in the thickness we have lost over time. And of course we might choose darker or lighter brows.

Microblading training

Microblading is a form of a semi-permanent tattoo. The results last about a year, because the ink is not as deep under the skin as a permanent tattoo. Microblading is ideal for eyebrows, and gives fairly natural-looking results.

Eyelash Extensions Sydney CBD

Unfortunately, eyelashes tend to thin as we age and lose some length. But the good news is that we can add to our natural lashes. Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent additions to our natural lashes. They require minimal upkeep, much less than stick-on lashes, and should last a month or two.

Microblading Training

Eyebrows and eyelashes can look great with microblading and extensions. Avoid makeup and use semi-permanent tattoos.

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