Aging Eyebrows

There are many slow and initially subtle signs of aging. Factors like greying hair are plain to see. Other signs are hard to specify – we just feel that we look older and have trouble understanding why.

Eyebrows are one overlooked factor. They will change in unpredictable ways as we age, thinning out, or growing shorter. In some men they even grow thicker.

Altering our eyebrows can help us look younger.

Eyebrow Tattoo Sydney

There are three general problems with eyebrows as we age.

Eye brows can thin out

We can temporarily make them look thicker with makeup. Or we can use eyebrow tattooing to add some extra lines behind the thinning hairs.

Eyebrow tattoos will look more convincing than most makeup as the microblade tattoo will replicate the individual hairs rather than just the general shape of the brows.

Disappearing tails

The brows are thickest near the top of the nose, and tail off towards the side of our forehead. This tail is the thinnest part of the eyebrow, and it is the often the first part to disappear as we age.

The edges of eyebrows can be thicken with makeup. But microblading will replicate the fine detail in a much more realistic way.

Greying Brows

This is not too much of a problem. You can use tinted eyebrow gel to darken the grey brows. Try a tint that is one shade lighter than your natural eyebrow colours as this gives a fairly realistic result. If the brows are dyed too dark then the result looks artificial.

Microblading Course Sydney

Microblading can restore the look of our eyebrows with a technique that is similar to a traditional tattoo. Results last for about 1 year.

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