Eyelash Extensions Sydney CBD

On Eyelash Extensions

Some inventions appeal to a need. Others create a need and then satisfy it. Eyelash extensions satisfy a desire for longer lashes, something that women have preferred for many generations. […]

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Skin Piercing

Skin Piercing You might think that using needles on your skin would cause some long term problems. But quite the opposite. Many people have had their skin improved by the […]

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Eyelash Extensions

There is a long history of women preferring longer eyelashes. And over the past few generations there have been various mean of adding artificially longer lashes. These artificial lashes were […]

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The Sag and Bag Under Eyes

The Sag and Bag Under Eyes   Eyebrow tattoo and eyelash extension training Sydney CBD We can use a professional with eyebrow tattoo training to shape our eyebrows, and also […]

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Microblading Sydney CBD

About Microblading Sydney

A few common concerns: Is microblading dangerous? There may be rumours of problems in any industry. But microblading is fairly safe, far safer than most medical procedures. As with any […]

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Common Eyebrow Mistakes

Bolder looking eyebrows are the ongoing trend. But bold looking is a board term. There is no one eyebrow style that suits all faces. We all need something that suits […]

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