Eyebrow Tattoo Training

How Can Eyebrow Tattoos Benefit You?

Eyebrow Tattoo Training

As we age our eyebrows can do unexpected things. Usually they thin out, and this may cause them to change shape. Occasionally some men find their eyebrows grow thicker, and misshappen. But thicker or thinner, we will find that the change in eyebrow shape has a greater impact on our appearance then we might have anticipated.

Those of us past middle age have noticed the change with our eyebrows, and the affect this has on our face. So we add eyebrow enhancement to our makeup routine, using a little eyebrow pencil to fill in the gaps and make our brows seem fuller.

But there is an alternative. We can have the eyebrows more permanently altered, having them semi-permanently put on our skin as microbladed tattoos.

Microblading Eyebrow Tattoo Training

Microblading uses a small pen-like tool to draw hair onto the skin. The tool is rather like a bundle of small needles that allow a dye to be put under the skin. This is a little like a tattoo, but different because it is not as deep under the skin. As a result of this shallow depth the microblade marks are not really permanent, they will fade over 6 to 12 months. With some skin type the microbladed eyebrows will last for three years.

Microblading eyebrows will take about two hours. Surprisingly, the longest part of this process is the planning, where we sketch on the eyebrow design. This is something we need to get right before we apply the more permanent lines.

After application the microbladed eyebrows will require some time to heal, and an moisturizer should be applied. After a few days, perhaps week, they will fine, and you will have the ideal brows for your face.

Eyebrow Tattoo Training

Have you fading eyebrows filled out and re-shaped with microblading. Save time and effort every day by not having to constantly do your brows.

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