Common Eyebrow Mistakes

Bolder looking eyebrows are the ongoing trend. But bold looking is a board term. There is no one eyebrow style that suits all faces. We all need something that suits the individual person.

Eyebrow tattoo Sydney

Eyebrow tattoos will give us the eyebrows that we want, the style of brow that suits our face. And this is semi-permanent, lasting for several months, if not a year. But of course we must find the right style before we have the tattoo.

Some common mistakes to avoid.

  • The brow is too noticeable.

Bold is usually good, but it must be part of the overall effect of the face. Our eyebrows should frame the face, not be the centre of attention.

If others can see the makeup or tattoo work from a distance then something is wrong. Makeup should look like a natural part of your face. Eyebrows are the same.

  • It’s too perfectly symmetrical.

This is a problem at too levels. Anything that is too symmetrical will tend to look artificial. This includes mirror perfect eyebrows. And our faces will not be perfectly symmetrical, so the right eyebrow shape for one side of the face will not be quite right for the other side. Eyebrows should be similar, matching, but probably not identical or mirror reflections.

  • Brows don’t match the face.

Your natural brows tend to be along the right general lines to suit your face. Enhance these with makeup or a tattoo.

At the same time the shape of the face will influence the optimal shape of your eyebrows, as will the width of the nose and the hypothetical line from your ears to the top of your mouth.

Those of us who have undertaken an eyebrow tattoo training course will learn the best way to shape brows.

  • Over highlighting the Brows

There are many ways to accentuate the eyebrows, but nobody does all of them at once. Find the one or two touch-up that work for you.

Microblading Sydney

Microblading will give you the eyebrows that suit your individual look. And the results last up to a year.

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