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Enhance Your Appearance

Enhance Your Appearance

Our appearance is part of who we are. And looking after our appearance is a good indication that we are trying to be actively involved in life.

In addition to staying healthy there are several ways to augment our appearance and make the most of what we naturally have.

Eyebrow Tattoo Sydney

Our eyebrows can make all the difference to the appearance of our face. They are part of what frames our features. Without eyebrows our face will look rather blank.

It is not too difficult to pluck out eyebrows in order to thin them or change their appearance. But lengthening them, adding to them, is rather tricky. makeup will work, but this has to be reapplied and removed each day.

Eyebrow microblading gives a semi-permanent tattoo that can reshape the look of the eyebrow. This prevent the need to use makeup each day.

An eyebrow tattoo can make up for the thinning of the eyebrows that many of us experience as we age.

Eyelash extensions Sydney CBD

Many women desire longer eyelashes. This seems to extend across many cultures and changes in fashions. But wearing false lashes to add length is troublesome.

Eyelash extension are a semi-permanent solution. Artificial lashes are attached to each natural lash. This gives a highly realistic result. though these artificial lashes will grow out with the natural lashes, so the extensions need to be topped up every two months.

Hair line Tattoo Sydney

Our hair tends to thin and recede as we age. This affects more men than women, though women maybe more self-conscious about the way it affects their appearance.

As the hairline frames our face (along with the eyebrows) so a receding hairline can drastically alter our appearance. It tend to make us look prematurely old.

A hairline tattoo can create the appearance of more hair, and restore the effect of having more hair around our face.

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