Eyelash Extensions Sydney CBD

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Eyelash Extensions Sydney CBD

Eyelash extensions and eyebrow training can really enhance our appearance. But this effect is diminished if our appearance, especially around the eyes, is compromised in other ways. It is in our best interest to look after our healthy and appearance in every way possible

We should all look after the skin around our eyes. The skin here is thin, and therefore one of the first areas to show signs of premature aging. Common issues around the eyes include dark circles, fine lines and puffiness/eye-bags.

  • Avoid bright sunlight, especially during the middle of the day. Sunlight contains UV and blue light, which causes aging of the skin. Wear a hat and good polarized sunglasses when outside. And always were sunscreen. Get some early morning Sun to be healthy, but cover up for the rest of the day.
  • Moisturize. This is fundamental and effective. It keeps the area hydrated, and slows down the development of wrinkles.
  • Drink water. This prevents the dried out and sagging look of the face. And it tends to be generally healthy.
  • Keep alcohol and caffeine to a minimum. These speedup skin aging.
  • Eat healthy, and avoid processed food.
  • Drinking green tea seems to help. Caffeine free green tea is probably the best option.
  • Blue light from computer screens and smart devices slowly affects our face. Use a filter.
  • Red light therapy seem to benefit the face, preventing and perhaps reversing collagen loss. Small at home devices are available online. Look for 620 nm to 670 nm red light.
  • Facial massage seems to help.
  • Always remove makeup at the end of the day.

Puffiness – There are tricks for reducing eye puffiness, from cold spoons to moist teabags or cucumbers.

Dark Circles – Preparations from vitamin C ointment to mild bleaches will reduce darkness around the eyes. But first make sure the problem isn’t just lack of sleep.

Eyelash Extensions Sydney CBD

Eyebrow tattoos and eyelash extensions help us to be the best version of ourselves. Adn they save us time because we don’t have to reapply makeup everyday.

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