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Our eyes are perhaps the most salient feature of our face. Our eyebrows contribute to the appearance of our eyes, so any alteration in the appearance of our eyebrows will have a noticeable, yet hard to specify, effect on our facial appearance. When a person changes their eyebrows we notice that they look different, but often cannot specify what the difference is.

By shaping the eyebrows in the right way, in a way that suits the specific individual, we can help them complement the other features of the face.

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The inner point of the eyebrows generally start just above the nose. Some people believe they should align with the bridge of the nose, which is a default position. But it varies with the individual’s face. Occasionally a person looks better if the eyebrows are moved further apart, perhaps even aligning with the lower width of the nose. Almost all people find something between these two extremes.

The outer point of the eyebrow is as important as the inner point. This outer point helps give shape to the features of the face, forming an inverted triangle with the eyes near the top and top lips at the lower point. Imagine a line drawn from philtrum at the centre of the top lip, touching the edge of the nose, touching the outer edge of the eye and ending at the outer point of the eyebrow. This tend to give a neat, balanced look. We can help achieve this effect by altering the eyebrows outer point.

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Good results of eyebrow tattooing are a combination of good technique and have a good eye for what each individual needs.

Eyebrow tattoos are semi-permanent, complementing you appearance for several months, perhaps a year.

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