Eyebrow Tattoo Course Sydney

Aesthetics, beauty is about all the pieces fitting together. No one piece can make a coherent picture, but one bad or misplaced piece can ruin everything. Alternately, changing one piece may be enough to make a picture work.

Facial beauty is about all the elements of our face combining in a balanced and pleasing fashion. Sometimes we can achieve this pleasing balance by changing one element of our appearance.

Our eyebrows are one element of our face that can be altered, or recreated with tattoos. Changing or recreating our eyebrows can be just the thing we need to complement our appearance.

Eyebrow Tattoo Course Sydney

Eyebrows can be tattooed on. This is a permanent alteration and not for everybody.

Eyebrows can also be recreated or modified with 3D/6D techniques, a semi-permanent technique. The results last for 6 to 12 months.

3D/6D his uses colour pigment to create a 3D replica of an eyebrow. These are much more natural looking than a flat tattoo.

The 3D/6D technique uses safe non-reactive pigments that can be adjusted to create an appropriate eyebrow colour.

Best of all the process only takes an hour or two, and there is basically no down time.

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