Eyelash Extension and Mascara

The point of eyebrow tattoos and eyelash extensions is to permanently look good without having to apply makeup each day. So it may seem strange that some individuals ask if they can add makeup to their eyebrows and extended eyelashes. Of course the question is not that strange. People are’t really replacing or conceling their semi-permanent tattoos; they are occasionally adding to it to achieve a different effect. This is because the makeup we want for daily use at the office is different to the more glamorous look we might want for a night at the Opera House. The glamorous look means more makeup, so some people add more makeup for that glamorous special occasion look.

Eyebrow Tattoo Sydney

Adding makeup to the tattooed eyebrows is usually not a problem. As long as the eyebrow tattoos are not recent, because recently microbladed eyebrows need a week or so to properly heal. After this these is no problem with adding some enhancement.

Eyelash extensions Sydney CBD

Eyelash extensions are a different matter. Some individuals want to add mascara to thicken the eyebrows up. But this is dangerous, as well as unnecessary. Eyelash extensions should already give a full, lush set or eyelashes. There should be no need to add to this.

Furthermore, the oil in many mascaras is harmful to the glue in eyelash extensions, as is the makeup remover used when the mascara comes off. So you risk having the extension fall out.

A few non-oil based mascaras claim to be okay for extended eyelashes. But we would not take the risk. And the lashes will still need a makeup removed at the end of the day, which could ruin everything.

Eyelash extensions can look full and lush without enhancement form mascara. If fact they look much better, far more natural than anything mascara achieves. As about thicker lashes if you are not happy with your present look.

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