Face Shape and Eyebrow Shape

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A face looks attractive when the various elements complement each other. There is no one formula for this, but there are some general patterns, or at least good starting points.
One feature to look at is the overall shape of the face. Those who are interested in fashion and appearances will choose a hairstyle, eyebrow shape, and perhaps style of glasses to complement the shape of their face.

Women’s faces and Eyebrow tattoo training

We might divide the many different face shapes into s ix general groups. Though it is possible to divide the options up in many different ways.

Oval Face

Forehead wider than the tapering and round chin, with prominent cheekbones.

Soft angled brows work here – these are quite neutral.

Heat Shaped Face

Forehead wider and prominent cheekbones, with a pointed chin.

Rounded eyebrows will lengthen the face slightly.

Round Face

The face has the similar length as width, but wider at the cheeks.

Arched eyebrows add some length to the face

Long Face

Forehead, cheeks and jaw have a similar width, with a tapering chin

Flat, straight brows will shorten the face slightly.

Square Face

The forehead, cheeks and jaw are the same width. The chin is broad.

Curved arches on the brow will add some roundness and length to the face.

Diamond Face (uncommon)

Wide at the temples with a short forehead. Quite angular.

Round curve eyebrows will soften the angular look and make the forehead appear narrower.

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