Where to find the best Microblading Artist in Sydney???

Microblading has become a trend in the recent decade all around the world. People have come to get their eyebrows on point and in better shape. One thing that made microblading so popular is the ability to make a person’s brows look natural, with hair-like strokes, as if they were born with it.

Finding the best microblading artist near you can be a daunting task, but it should not be the case if you know what to look for and where to look. With so many options available to you, who is the right one. Here are 6 things you need to take into consideration when searching for a microblading artist in Sydney.


1. Website

A website can and will tell you a lot about your microblading artist. It is like a quick resume that you can review before you determine whether the individual is right for you. Watch out for websites containing very limited information since it is a clear sign that the artist doesn’t wish to share with the public sufficient details about them and their services. Avoid artists that don’t have websites because if they are not willing to invest in a simple website, how much are they willing to invest in you?

2. Training/Qualifications

Training is an important part of being a microblading artist. New tools and techniques are constantly being introduced in the market and part of the joy of being a microblading artist is to learn how to use them. Wherever the prospective microblading trained will definitely reflect in their work as well as in the before and after pictures of past clients. It is also a good idea to find out how long the artist has been doing microblading to help you gauge their experience level


3. Experience

The experience is the most important. “Not only does the artist need to be certified, but it takes a lot of time to get good at the art, as well as the experience of working with the pigments on different skin types. Someone can advertise that they are offering microblading, but that doesn’t mean they know what they are doing.”


4. Customer Support

You will often hear about businesses failing to return calls or emails. However, the first step to providing the best customer support starts with responsiveness. The microblading artists should never be too busy to respond to your queries. No question is either too much or stupid. If a prospective microblading artist doesn’t feel that it is important to take some time and communicate with you, what is likely to happen after undergoing the procedure? You should always expect a response from a prospective microblading artist within 24 hours.


5. Reviews

Having positive client reviews says much about a prospective microblading artist. You can visit the artist’s social media page (Instagram, Google, YouTube, etc.) to find out whether there are any client reviews. You should make an effort to read most of the reviews to find out whether a pattern emerges. Are the reviews generally positive? Or are they generally negative? Are they mixed. Depending on the majority of reviews, you can determine whether or not you are ready and willing to work with a particular microblading artist. (Tip: Mii Beauty obtained highest customer positive review rating with more than 60 reviews on google)

 6. Post-Care/After Care

At the end of your microblading session, the artist should go over detailed aftercare instructions with you to ensure lasting results. You will need to follow such instructions strictly for the recommended period of time for the best results. You can find out more about the artist’s aftercare or post-care instructions by either visiting their website or calling them. Depending on the response and reviews of other users, you can determine whether that microblading artist is right for you.


The Bottom Line

All you need is the right information and advice and you are guaranteed to find the best artist to cater to your needs. The 6 tips provided here will help you weed out the good microblading artists from the bad ones, so ensure that you take them into consideration. Hiring the right artist can mean the difference between disaster and having the eyebrows of your dreams. These tips will help you find the best Microblading Artist in Sydney.

Here is the best Microblading Artist in Sydney we highly recommend to you:

Mii Beauty


0403 678 502



Suit 9, Level 3, 245 Castlereagh St, Sydney

Located in the heart of Sydney city, Mii Beauty offer a convenient and professional location with extensive experience in Semi Permanent makeup services.

Whetheryour preference is soft and natural or you seek dramatic effects, Mii Beauty’s professional permanent makeup artist Nikki has learned the art of custom

blending to achieve that perfect shade. Nikki is one of the most highly regarded professionals in the field of semi permanent makeup. She was apioneer In Australia

for Natural Brow Technics, especially 3D, 6D Hair Stroke treatments, with experience in more than 5000 3D, 6D Hair Stroke Specialist procedures.

She performs state of the art micro-pigmentation techniques and is recommended by some of the most famous celebrities and beauty professionals.  Reputation has been built on her unique style, combined with the use of highest quality permanent makeup products available. Nikki is known for consistently performing natural look Semi-permanent makeup that has attracted clients from across Australia or even overseas. The many celebrities and royalty that have chosen her to perform their micro-pigmentation would that her skill and dedication to her work has made her an industry leader.

Nikki’s philosophy is that permanent makeup, like body tattooing, is an art. Knowing how to implant pigment properly into the skin is crucial, but more importantly, it must be done artfully to achieve a fitting and natural perfect look. We also specialize in pain control, and apply a topical anesthetic to ensure each client is as comfortable as possible throughout their procedure. Microblading is her passion and she believes in setting her students on track to blossom as their own unique artist.

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