Hair line Tattoo Sydney

Hair line Tattoo Sydney

 Hair line tattoo Sydney you say?

Hair line tattoos are hot these days. Scalp micropigmentation — that’s what they are technically called. It is actually an advanced method of cosmetic pigmentation. Like traditional tattooing, the procedure works by injecting pigment into the scalp during a procedure that can only be described as extremely intricate.
Hairloss is common in males and, thank God, there are numerous options available today for treating it, or to be more specific – to slow down the process of losing hair.
Some of these are very expensive, especially if you’re looking to have a hair transplant or invest in products that seek to maintain the hair you’ve currently possess. Scalp pigmentation is quite different from these options. It actually provides you with a new look that don’t look like any other and is specially done to match your skin tone and hair colour.

Are we talking about hair line tattoo Sydney?

Scalp micropigmentation is a totally different animal compared to tattooing, due to the needle and kind of ink used. Generally, tattoo needles are large, making them not precise when used to replicate the tiny hair follicles’look and texture. Hairline tattoos utilise a microneedle (yes, they are much, much smaller than tattoo needles) that looks exactly like hair. Oh no, not a painted-on dot.

Tattoos also go five layers into the skin, while micropigmentation only goes two layers deep. That’s a great difference. The reason for this is because the deeper pigment goes into the skin, the more likely it is to lose its round shape and spread out, resulting in an unnatural look. This is a very important consideration. By keeping the pigmentation in a shallow level, the overall look is kept so that practitioner’s are able to shape it, while also keeping it as deep as necessary to in order to maintain permanence.

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