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Hairline Microblading

Hair Line Tattoo Sydney

Our hair and our eyebrows very much define our face. Great hairstylists are aware of this, so they find the style that frames our face in a flattering way. Eyebrows are also fashioned, thickened with pencils or plucked, to suit our face. The cumulative effect of this, with a little makeup, is quite striking.

Of course there is only so much that can be done with hair styling, especially if our hairline has receded. It is easy for a hairstylist to take hair away, but difficult to add more. This situation can be altered with hair line tattoos.

Some of us have found that our hairline has receded with age. This can effectively alter the shape of our face. Our forehead may seem wider or longer, or we might develop a widow’s peak. Else, the hair might just thin along the hairline, so we no longer have a neat transition between the hair and skin.

Hair line tattoos can fill in the space left by a thinning hairline. It creates thin strokes that look like hair. This can give us a more youthful appearance, and frame out facial features in a flattering way. These tattoos are semi-permanent; they last 6-12 month. So they can be altered over time as our hair alters. And they will need to be periodically redone.

Eyebrow Tattoo Training

Eyebrow tattoos can give us the eyebrows that really complement our appearance. The tattoo method is shallow, and semi-permanent. It fades after 6 -12 month, after which time it will need to be reapplied.

Eyebrow tattoos look more realistic than makeup, and because they don’t need to be constantly reapplied they save a lot of time.

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