NGF 37 Booster

SKIN BOOSTER / NGF37(New Growth Factor 37)

NGF 37 injection also known as Chanel injection is a marvellous skin booster procedure that has become increasingly common in Korea over the past few years. Korean celebrities are known to frequently get this procedure done to preserve their porcelain skin. But it is becoming more and more accessible. Now, it has become one of the most common dermatological procedures in Korea. Chanel Injection is a cocktail formula consisting of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for skin rejuvenation. It is also known as NGF 37 (New Growth Factor), which has over 37 ingredients to trigger natural skin healing for better facial appearance. The treatment is popular for the ones who seek a natural remedy for the anti-aging effect such as smoothening fine wrinkles, stimulating collagen production for firm skin, brightening dull skin tone, re-hydrating skin dryness, and boosting overall healthy skin condition.

It Is Suitable For

· Those with dry skin and fine wrinkles.

· Those with uneven skin tone and texture.

· Those who want to undergo skin rejuvenation.

· Those who want to brighten and smoothen skin.

How It Works

Multiple injections directly to deliver those essential ingredients available in NGF into the slightly deeper skin layer without damaging the outermost protective layer of skin. At the same time, the procedure works on enlarged pores as well to maximize the effect. Skin rejuvenation will be experienced from deep underneath the skin which occurs naturally after it has well-received nutrients from the skin booster.

Injection Procedure

1. Consultation and examination of skin condition

2. Face cleansing

3. Application of local anaesthesia

4. Injection

Advantages and Limitations of SKIN BOOSTER/NGF37 (New Growth Factor 37)

· Rejuvenates skin
· Brightens and smoothens skin
· Rehydrates and maintain moisturized skin
· Enhances natural glowing effect
· Shrinks pores opening
· Lightens wrinkles and fine lines

· Tiny round bumpy marks may be noticed for a few days
· Little scabs would form and fall off within 7 days
· Face cleansing may be done the next day with lukewarm water

Injection Post Care

· Apply moisturizer or rejuvenation cream regularly to maintain skin hydration

· Apply sunscreen regularly

· Avoid being exposed to sunlight

· Avoid exfoliation and usage of toner including AHA and BHA for at least a week

· Avoid sauna/strenuous exercise for at least a week


Q1: Is the treatment painful?
A1: Patients may experience discomfort, thus local anaesthesia will be applied onto skin prior to the treatment.

Q2: Can NGF 37 injection be used for pores problem?
A2: Yes, Chanel injection can treat enlarged pores.

Q3: How many treatments do I need for effective results?
A3: Improvement can be noticed from a single session of injection; for more effective results, 3 to 5 sessions are recommended.