Men’s Eyebrows

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An older school of masculinity promoted the idea of men being partially indifferent to grooming, even as they might be particular about a suit and tie. The masculine aesthetic was about being neat and tidy, all within a set ‘business suit’ model. There was very little about the individual finding the personal style. At most they adapted to the style of the tie and cuff links of the day.

These days it is acceptable for the male to be interested in personal grooming, or not be interested if that is how they feel. This need not mean being flamboyant or feminine. Modern male grooming may encourage rough edges, designer stubble, and hairstyles that are meant to look a little erratic. This aesthetic may well include trimmed or even tattooed eyebrows.

Eyebrows vary greatly between individual men. Bushy eyebrows might need to be thinned out on some men; others keep the bushy style because they like the ruggedness of this look. Other individuals change the shape of the brow, either by flattening out the arch or extending the ends.

It is easy, if slightly painful, to remove hair from the eyebrows; waxing and plucking are straightforward. But it is rather more difficult to add hair. One can add the appearance of hair with makeup. Or one can use micro blading to add semi-permanent makeup to the eyebrows.

Some recommendations for men’s eyebrows:

  • Bold eyebrows tend to suit most men, thought here are exceptions.
  • Well defined edges tend to look better, rather than edges that fade and blend into the surrounding facial hair.
  • The monobrow / unibrow suits some individuals and seems common in the late teens and early twenties. But this natural fades with age, leaving most men with two distinct brows. If there are a few hairs above the nose many makes choose to remove them 
  • Brows can be dyed lighter or they can be lightened. Normal hair dye does not work for this. There is specific dye for brows and facial hair.
  • Angular rather than curved brows will look more masculine. Sometimes brows can be completely straight and suit the individual’s face.

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Eyebrow shaping is part of the modern aesthetic. And while fashion trends may change, and eyebrow styles change with them, there will always be a market for some type of eyebrow shaping.

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