Eyelash Extensions Sydney CBD

On Eyelash Extensions

Some inventions appeal to a need. Others create a need and then satisfy it. Eyelash extensions satisfy a desire for longer lashes, something that women have preferred for many generations. Previously the desire was fulfilled with false lashes, applied and removed on a daily basis. Now the eyelash extensions can be professionally applied each day, and be semi-permanent.

Professional lash extensions require a fair amount of skill to correctly apply. And it is not really possible to apply them to ourselves. But the semi-permanent results of eyelash extension look so realistic, and require fairly little maintenance, so they are popular and worthwhile.

Extensions add thickness and length to the natural lashes. An artificial lash is attached to each natural lash, where they stay till the natural lash gradually grows out. It is also possible to attach multiple artificial lashes to each natural lash, to make the sparse eyelash even more thick and full.

Eyelash extensions last for several weeks. Four weeks at least, with six weeks being a realistic expectation. And even after this time they do not need a complete re-application; it is enough to fill in the few lashes that have ‘grown out’.

After receiving lash extensions the individual must avoid wet and hot conditions like saunas and steam cooking for a day to two. After this they must avoid oils and other cleansers near the eye. The water based cleansers used for eyelash extensions tend to be heathier options anyway.


Why Eyelash Extensions Sydney CBD

Extensions are almost like having naturally better lashes, at least for a few weeks. There is minimal maintenance, and no longer a need to apply mascara or false lashes each day, which is a real time saver.

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