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Skin And Eyebrow Tattoo Microblading

Client Skin and Eyebrow Tattoo Training

Cosmetic microblading training teaches us how to insert a layer of coloured pigment just beneath the upper layer of skin. This is often used to replicate the look of hair strokes in eyebrows. Eyebrow Tattoo Training can replace thin or damaged eyebrows, or augment the eyebrows that are already there. For example, we might want to make the two eyebrows more symmetrical, or to bring them closer together. Or might find that a different shape simply looks better for a certain individual’s face.

Unfortunately, microblading is not always possible. A client needs to have reasonably healthy skin in order for microblading to work safely. Some skin conditions mean microblading is not recommended.

Issues and Microblading Training

– This is the bane of most teenagers, and a few adults. As teenagers rarely need microblading the issue rarely comes up. But adults who have acne on the forehead may find that microblading is not suitable, with the conditions giving rise to uneven results.

Rosacea – This is a redness and sometimes swelling, especially on the nose. In sometimes subsides with treatment, but bad cases (which are rare) never fully disappear.
Unfortunately, rosacea makes the results of microblade tattooing very unpredictable. So the process is not recommended.

Oil Skin
– Oiler skin types make microblading difficult; the skin does not respond well to the tattoo application. The excess oil can have an effect on the tattoo lines, leaving the results blurred and powdery rather than crisp.
There is good news here. A powdered cosmetic tattoo can be used on oily skin, which will give better results for oily skin individuals.

Translucent Skin – Light Fitzpartick Skin, found on red head and some pale blond individuals, does not take microblading very well.

Permanence and Eyebrow Tattoo Training

Microblading is a little like a tattoo, but not as deep. This means the results are not really permanent, they will noticeably fade after 6 to 12 months, and eventually disappear altogether. This sight fading can look quite realistic, and works well for filling in receded hairlines and thinning eyebrows. Microblading is helpful for many individuals.

Microblading and Eyebrow Tattoo Training

We can restore or augment eyebrows with microblading, or help a receding hairline. Have a consultation to find what is best for you.

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