Skin Piercing

Skin Piercing

You might think that using needles on your skin would cause some long term problems. But quite the opposite. Many people have had their skin improved by the use of needles.

There has been some press coverage over the past few years regarding microneedle rollers, and on the derma pen. These are tools and techniques used to make tiny, shallow piercings in the skin, perhaps 1mm deep. Is has been found that this benefits the skin in several ways. The injury that the shallow piercings make under the skin heal fairly quickly (a few days), leaving the top part of the skin looking better, often younger than before.

The micro piercing of the skin is used to:

  • Treat old acne scars, the indentations in the skin.
  • Treat raised scars from injuries.
  • Decrease finer wrinkles.
  • Decrease uneven skin colour (pigmentation).
  • Generally increase the skin’s appearance.
  • Help absorption of some hair growth serums.
  • Increase collagen beneath the skin. Without this we start to look old and gaunt.

It is this last benefit, the increase in collagen, which interests most people. Boosting collagen has been rather difficult in the past. Even with supplements any collagen in the face tended to decrease with age, so we lost our youthful looks. But treatments like blood facials, where blood plasma is put on the face after micro piercing, are quite effective for increasing collagen, especially when combined with dietary collagen supplements.

Microblading eyebrow tattoo Sydney

The incisions made with microblading are not too different to micro piercing. So the healing process that comes after this will actually improve the appearance.


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Hair line tattoos can give a fairly realist appearance of a hair when the natural hairline has thinned or receded. As a side effect it may encourage healthier skin and perhaps some hair regrown.

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