What is Eyebrow Microblading

Microblading lets us create artificial, yet fairly realistic looking eyebrows. These are semipermanent; they will last several months, up to two years, with no need for you to every apply eyebrow makeup.

The blade used is a very fine and precise surgical instrument. It is used to make thin incisions that can be coloured, a little like a tattoo. Unlike a tattoo the incisions are not very deep. Microblading only penetrates to the junction between the dermis and the outer skin (epidermis); tattoos penetrate to the dermis.

Eyebrow Tattoo Training

There is an art and a science to microblading eyebrows. The correct techniques for microblading are the science. Knowing just where to microblade is the art. Ever individual has a unique face, and the right eyebrows for that individual is a matter finding what works for them. The right shape and position for the eyebrows can make a face more attractive, with all the elements of the face fitting together. The wrong eyebrows can ruin the whole effect.

After Microblading Sydney

There is no recovery time after eyebrow microblade tattoos. The procedure takes an hour or two, then you’re on your way home

We like to do a touch up about a month after the initial tattoo.

Many customers come in once a year for a touch up, so they permanently benefit from our microbladed eyebrows.

Microblading Course Sydney

Microblading is safe if the correct techniques are followed- when the equipment is immaculately clean and when microblading technician is well trained. 

Training courses will ensure the best results.

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