3D/6D Brow and Eye Lash Extension
Who is Brow Master Nikki?
Nikki is a certified beauty technician with 10 years+ experience who brought this amazing new technique to Australia, Sydney from Korea as one of the first frontier in 2012.
Nikki is the master of microblading, 3D and 6D techniques and she is the first person who named 3D brows in Australia, with over 6000 eyebrow microblading experiences.
She will kindly share all her tips and know-hows she has gained from her microblading experiences to provide the best Microblading Training course.
Why Mii Beauty Microblading Training?
This is an intensive one on one training course based in Nikki’s studio, unlike typical group training in the Academy where you are not able to learn real technique.
Observation opportunity of Nikki’s work with clients: the best way to learn fast
This is the best budget training course to master microblading
This is a unique teaching program, with a step-by-step and easy to learn method created by Nikki
This is the best budget training course to master microblading
You will master the most fundamental and important skills in a day
Nikki provides various training courses for busy people
Immediate start, flexible learning time for each individual’s requirements
Certificate upon completion
Professional tips and secrets
Nikki will ensure each student receives ongoing support
What you will learn from Mii Beauty Microblading training?
To master Microblading, you will learn all the knowledge and techniques which are required to start your own business including:
Natural hair growth patterns and brow design
Skin anatomy
Color theory for all permanent cosmetics
Sanitation and sterilization
Topical anesthetics
Skin preparation and aftercare
Using the microblading tool
Tool configurations
Proper depth of application
Custom microblading strokes, pigments and designs
Designing brows from scratch (without stencils)
What to do about scarring
Professional tips & secrets
Mii Beauty Training programs
1 day full course: $990 (small group max 4 student)
Introduction course to Permanent makeup Fundamentals & Basics and Microblading/Microstroking techniques
Accelerated learning process
Fast learning course for busy people
Immediate start
Course includes: theory, practice on artificial skin, live model observation (performed by Nikki)
1 day full course with 1 live model: $1790 (max 2 students)
Fast track course for who wish to learn the microblading technique in a day
Same as 1 day full course with 1 live model to practice to master the technique
Immediate start
Course includes: theory, practice on artificial skin, 1 live model practice
Mii Beauty client observation by an appointment (one session)
2 full day or 4 half day master course: $2990 (mostly private teaching, max 3 students depends on the day)
Intensive training course to master microblading technique
Half day course to boost maximum learning capacity
Flexible class times: morning, day and evening classes are available depending on the student’s schedule
One teaching session: around 3 hours (4 sessions all together)
Course includes: Theory, practice on artificial skin, 2 live model practice
One Minimum MII Beauty client observation (could be 2 or 3 observation depends on schedule)
Eyebrow master course with lash extensions: $3490
Best course to start your own business immediately and make a hands on profit
Mastering Brow course with classic lash extensions
2 live eyebrow models + 1 lash model
Private lesson: start from $990
For microblading artist who needs additional training to enhance their skills
Important Message
We recommend you bring your own model. This will give you a very good chance to view your own work while brows are healing
You do not need prior experience or licensing to commence Mii Beauty Microblading Course
Complete practice kit inclusive of:
10 micro blading needles
1 microblading pen
1 semi permanent colour (dark brown)
2 artificial skins to practice
Practice template
Permanent colour pencil for brow design
Reserve Your Spot Today
Our classes are very limited, we only sign up very limited students per class to ensure there’s lots of time for 1-on-1 instruction and personalized support. That’s how we ensure our students are best prepared for immediate success.
If you have any questions about the Mii Beauty Training Course or you’re ready to sign up and secure your place, please contact Nikki 0403 678 502 or
We look forward to seeing you soon!