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Elements of Appearance

Appearance and Eyebrow Tattoo Training

Aesthetics is about how the various elements of any particular thing relate to each other, fit together, and make a complete picture. If we are talking about our face then the elements are every feature of our face – our eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, our mouth, how our nose looks, and perhaps most of all our hair. Any one of these elements can make or break our appearance. Everybody has noticed that a haircut can change how we look, the right haircut making all the difference. This same principle applies to eyebrows and our eyelashes.

Almost all of us have experimented with makeup, probably as teenagers. And we discovered that some colour in the right place, the right shade of lipstick and a darker shade of brow, can have a significant effect. Changing the shape of brows or the hairline can be equally significant. This type of change, shape rather than colour, can be a little more permanent with microwaving, eyebrow tattoo training.

Eyebrow Tattoo Training

We are all familiar with tattoo, where ink under the skin makes a permanent image on the skin surface. Eyebrow tattoos (microwaving) are similar to this, only the ink is not set as deep under the skin surface. This means the results are not permanent. Rather, they are semi-permanent, lasting between 6 months and 2 years.

Eyebrow tattoos that change the shape of the brow can compensate for thinning of the brow hair, which often happens in old age. Or it might just give us the brows that suit our face. Often this is done with makeup. But microwaving means not having to reapply the makeup each day, and then remove it each night. Micro blade tattoos will stay for several months.

Some of us have different makeup for formal events and daily wear. The formal makeup is more elaborate. The daily wear is rather straightforward by comparison. This raises the question, which style do I use for semi-permanent makeup? The answer is simple, have the everyday style done with micro blade tattooing, and simply add to this for formal events.

Eyelash Extensions Sydney CBD

Long eyelashes have always been seen as feminine. This seems to apply cross cultures. So many women add to the eyebrows they have naturally, and usually the results are quite effective. But the principle of aesthetics still applies – the eyelashes have to match the individual’s appearance. While longer is basically better, there is no one size fits all. We must find the extension that suits us.

Eyelash extensions can be semi-permanent. This means artificial lashes individually attached to each natural lash. The results look natural, and last a few weeks. But after this time the individual lashes grow out and to be replaced by new lashes, which will then require new extensions.

Eyelash extensions will need to be done by a trained professional.

Eyebrow Tattoo Training

Avoid the need to reapply eyebrows each morning. Microblade tattoos give ideal eyebrows that last at least 6 months.

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