Microblading Training

Microblading Training Myths

There are a few myths about microblade training, as there are probably myths about all practices and professions. These myths may set us back, or even deter us from taking microblade training in the first place. We put these myths to rest, so readers can make a well-informed decision.

Training is expensive

Any career that requires skill will require some investment in solid training. Microblade training is relatively inexpensive compared to many other practices, and takes less time. A person can spend three years getting an art degree and only earn a moderate wage. Microblading offers a far better return on investment than most practices, and it can be combined with other beauty practices.

Quality training gives better results, and offers better credentials. Once you have learnt to produce good results, you can earn back your tuition cost in minimal time.

Microblading is a difficult profession

Well, nobody will pay you much for doing something that anyone can do. However, they will pay you if you can do something well. Microblading is no more or less difficult than most professions, or most cosmetic practices. Of course, you will need practice, and this will vary between individuals. But some microblade artists achieve great results in just a few months. If you have the manual dexterity and an eye for what looks attractive, you have the potential to be a successful microblade artist, though you will have to put in the hours to practice and develop the skill.

It is difficult to make a living from microblading

With today’s internet advertising on social media, it should be easier than ever to find customers. If you already run a beauty service of some kind, you have a head start, because you can add microblading to your other practices. You will already have a few customers who are interested in this new procedure.

Microblading has become less popular

This is a myth, perhaps because microblading got a lot of attention when it first appeared, and this media attention has now waned. In fact, after the initial hype dissipated, the industry got settled in as an established cosmetic practice. We don’t hear much hype about hair salons, acrylic fingernails or eyelash studios, but people attend these all the time. It has become part of their regular routine. Microblading is the same. Many clients expect to have microblading done every year or two.

MiiBeauty offers microblade training. We encourage the development of skills for this type of semi-permanent cosmetic treatment. Semi-permanent cosmetic treatments are growing in popularity as people recognise the convenience of not needing new makeup each morning. Microblade training gives you the foundation training you need to develop the skills for a microblade practice.

Microblading Training

Eyebrows and eyelashes can look great with microblading and extensions. Avoid makeup and use semi-permanent tattoos.

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